Iris Tanz, L.Ac has travelled extensively over 3 continents with her practice. Read about patients' experiences and learn about their healing journies with Fusion Healing from around the world. Blessings to those that have shared their stories to help inspire others and thank you for allowing me to heal with you!

"It took me about a year to finally get myself to Iris’ table at Fusion Healing; I was both skeptical of holistic medicine and also probably a little intimidated by this whole other world. As soon as I had my first session with Iris it became unquestionably clear to me that there are true healers in this world and that Iris is one with enormous magic and positive power residing within her. And it also became clear that I wanted to come back to Iris as much as was humanly possible.

Iris goes beyond acupuncture to include massage: after the needles re-energize your body and bring to the surface all that needs to be released, her intuitive massage practice afterward actually physically flushes out all that needs to go. I leave each session feeling lighter, more internally aligned, and with a far greater sense of self than I ever knew possible.

Thank you, Iris, for providing such a safe space to release my past and grow empowered for today!”

— Danielle L. (Film Producer) New York, NY

"I am 65 years old. I have a very long history of serious back injuries (seven spinal surgeries), and have been less than diligent in taking care of my own health for long periods. Over the years, I have tried every form of treatment: powerful drugs, acupuncture, acupuncture with electricity, Chinese herbs and powders, Chiropractic, epidural injections, physical therapy, all kinds of massage, rolfing, electric stimulation, and others I can’t remember. I was recommended to Iris about one year ago by a friend who spoke highly of her. Given my history, I was a bit skeptical, but went to see her. I was blown away.

First, Iris spent a long time talking to me, and not superficially. She probed all facets of my life, gaining an understanding of the inter-relation of my life style, the pressures I felt, my emotional state, and my physical condition. When she started treatment, she had a very clear plan in mind, and worked hard to implement it — and I was in my usual skeptical state of mind.

Her hands were magic. As she treated me, a wave of letting go came over me, unlike anything I had ever experienced. Her healing was so pronounced that I allowed myself to put myself entirely in her hands yielding to the power emanating from her.

Subsequently, every session I have had with Iris has started with a searching review of my condition, as she develops a plan appropriate for that treatment. And I have left every session grateful that I am in her care. I am giving my each of my four kids a holiday gift of a session with Iris, so that they can experience her as a person and as a healer.”

— John  (Entrepreneur) Beverly Hills, CA

“Iris is truly a gifted healer. At our first session she took the time to really understand what was going on with me both emotionally and physically. Through a combination of acupuncture and bodywork, my hot flashes went from 14 per day to around 3 flashes which were barely perceptible. After only a few sessions my high FSH level was reduced by half!”

— Deborah (Teacher) Los Angeles, CA

"I am very sad that you left Munich and miss you very much. Your special and unique energy stimulating treatments are excellent for body and soul. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for many years and your Fusion Healing sessions helped me very much. They helped to vanish and ease my different pains from head to feet and through that my nervousness. By the end, I always felt calm and relieved and was also released from insomnia. So, I look forward meeting you soon again!”

— Klaudia (Homemaker) Munich, Germany


Chronic Back Pain

Hot Flashes & Menopause

From Skeptic To Believer


I deeply thank Iris for all she have done for me wit her healing. Her treatments are very unique, special and individual. My myomas have actually reduced since the start of the treatment so I guess that is the best proof!!! Iris brought profound healing to Germany and Munich misses her a lot."

— Stephanie (Business Manager) Los Angeles, CA

Myomas (Ovarian Cysts)

It was a real pleasure to meet Iris and to get to know your specific Fusion Healing methods. Her holistic approach and her empathetic nature have affected me greatly. Even with the first treatment I could feel new energy flow through my body - just wonderful! She has helped me to understand where my discomfort comes from and that has helped me a lot. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her energy, her compassion and for her being. And ... I love her special little noises that come with the treatments!”

— Beatrice (Business Coach) Munich, Germany

Healing Sounds

Addiction, Grief & Relationships.

Neck & Arm Pain

"When I met Iris for the first treatment I was a little prejudiced thinking she was too young and attractive to be a healer.  But after working with her, I was amazed and surprised with her level of professionalism, gifts and especially about the results we obtained after only one session.

I have had an addictive character for more than 20 years and after the separation from my ex-girlfriend and my two beloved kids I had fallen into a deep vacuum full of misery.

Iris helped me get myself together, healed the relationship with my father whom I don’t hate anymore and in a short amount of time I started looking at life positively in high speed. Amazingly enough- it is still working.”

— Andre (Entrepreneur) Munich, Germany

“Iris is the first and only person who could ease the  chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. I never had a treatment like this before before and didn't believe in it until I experienced it.  She helped me so much, I don't know what I am going to do without her and her healing hands..”

— Christa (Marketing Director) Munich, Germany

Trusting the First Session

When I had my first Fusion Healing session with Iris I didn´t really know what is going to happen. I didn´t want to have any thoughts or expectations, I just trusted in all these fantastic things I heard about her! And that was the best because I was able to completely switch off my mind and after we were done, I had the feeling I just got back from one of the best relieving holiday ever!


Iris really helps you to relax, to trust, to understand, to focus, to connect and to let go! Your whole system will be thankful! One of the greatest things I ever did for MYSELF!

Susan (Actress) Berlin, Germany