Iris Tanz, L.Ac has designed a revolutionizing Fusion Healing practice based on an integrative approach of combining her intuitive gifts with an array of healing modalities. This system is customized to enhance health, wellness and balance.

Iris Tanz, L.Ac, LMT, CYT, MS, BA has over 23 years experience in the field of Holistic Medicine.  She began her path as a holistic healer in 1996 and has since been a progressive worldwide participant both as a practitioner and activist in the evolution of complementary medicine in the USA, Germany & Israel. 


Iris is well trained in Western and Eastern herbology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, bodywork, myo-facsial release, structural massage, shiatsu, tui na, reiki, energy work, channeling, aromatherapy, crystal balancing, and yoga therapy.  She spent years studying and apprenticing with her teacher, Jo Mulvenna, who taught her the art of channeling energy through powerful healing sounds.


Her passion for health and sustainability infuse her practice with genuine compassion and enthusiasm. Her social activist perspective fuels her drive to educate both her patients and the general public about greater options within the existing medical paradigm. Her goal is to direct people to the realization that health and balance come from within.


As a mother of twin daughters, she is enthusiastic and passionate about bridging her healing arts with her journey of parenting. Her love of motherhood and has inspired her to design a Kids Consciousness program that teaches parents and children to connect to non-dogmatic spiritual practices as part of daily life.


Healing her patients as well as spending time with her beloved twin daughters, expanding the realms of living are greatest pride and joy!

  “Working with Iris has been nothing short of magical. At my first session, I was amazed at the scope of issues we could work on- I’d imagined I was just coming to a regular acupuncturist! But I soon realized what ‘fusion’ means: this is true gestalt therapy- your mind, body, and psyche treated respectfully as a whole. With her aid and guidance, I began to make progress on the large issues in my life at warp speed. And though she was careful to never push me or my body to a depth or at a pace that wasn’t appropriate for    me, I continue to marvel as her work with and in me unfolds. I can recommend nothing more highly than beginning a path with Iris. It is truly the opportunity of your (& certainly MY) life.” -Bellamy Young (Actress "Scandal"), Hollywood, CA   

Infuse. Invoke. Inspire.

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