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The Fusion Healing™ EXPERIENCE is a ritual of transformation- A journey of embodying a more balanced, peaceful, liberated and pain free existence. Learn to live without old habits, unhealthy patterns, physical discomfort, physiological disharmony, mental/emotional imbalances, and more by shifting from a state of surviving to a reality of thriving.


The unique Fusion Healing™ TECHNIQUE is a holistic integration of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, bodywork, energy work and channeling customized to target the 3 levels of Being: Body, Mind & Spirit. These custom healings are geared towards removing somatic imprints from your matrix, thus shifting your magnet and the law of attraction.

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The Fusion Healing™ CONCEPT is based on the art of kintsugi whereby broken parts are fused together with gold, giving them new life and meaning.

Becoming whole again is beautiful, and so are your flaws! Through this process, you will evolve, shift and receive a renewed lease on life!



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Iris has over 26 years of experience in the field of holistic medicine. Born an empath and Indigo Child with innate healing qualities, she began tapping into her powers at a young age. Following her calling, she actively started training as a healer at the age of 19 whilst living in the wilderness for 3 months with a shaved head and a backpack, where she meditated daily to cultivate her healing purpose. Since then she has been a progressive worldwide participant both as a practitioner and activist in the evolution of complementary healthcare across the globe. Iris has thus traveled around the world with her expertise, establishing Fusion Healing practices in the USA, Israel and Germany and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Iris holds Summa Cum Laude degrees in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Anthropology and Community Studies. She is well trained in Western and Eastern herbology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, bodywork, 

myo-facsial release, structural massage, shiatsu, tui na, reiki, energy work, 

aromatherapy, crystal balancing, yoga therapy, somatic imprinting and channeling. She has studied worldwide, worked in various clinics and hospitals and spent years apprenticing with her teacher, Jo Mulvenna, who taught her the art of channeling energy.


Iris has spent her entire life's work creating and mastering her unique Fusion Healing™ modality which incorporates Chinese medicine, somatic acupuncture, bodywork, energy work and channeling to enhance balance, health and wellness. She is gifted in locating information in the body and dislodging blockages that create an array of symptoms via a channeling technique that removes pain, trauma, diseases and stagnation through powerful 'burping' healing sounds. As a trauma specialist, she uses her tools to help ease pain and suffering in the mind, heart, body and spirit.

She designed her Fusion Healing Wellness Center based on the art of kintsugi which portrays our "broken" pieces as beautiful pieces as they are healed and sealed together by the infusion of gold (accented throughout the center), thus creating a new profound meaning of wholeness. Iris has a high end VIP and celebrity clientele and works in private practice as well as administering rituals, ceremonies and healing events.

As a mother of twin daughters she is enthusiastic and passionate about educating both parents and children about conscious living as well as modern spiritual practices, exemplified through their progressive family lifestyle. Building and expanding her Fusion Healing™ craft and spending time with her beloved twin daughters whilst raising global awareness to help heal others are greatest pride and joy!

"Burp like nobody's watching." Iris Tanz, L.Ac, MTOM

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