Fusion Healing™ offers various unique treatments that blend an array of healing modalities to better serve your customized needs and desired goals. We offer package deals on every treatment plan not only to balance your mind, body and soul, but also your budget. We accept some health insurance. Book your session TODAY!

New Fusion Patients
​60 min 

An in-depth review of health, history, lifestyle, and chief complaint(s), tongue and pulse diagnosis, reflection and palpation used to assess and compile a comprehensive and treatment plan just for you. Followed by a custom Fusion Healing session with a combination of healing modalities.

A Holistic Assessment & Diagnosis!

Fusion Healing™
​60 min 

A unique and powerful combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, bodywork, energy work, reiki, channeling, crystals, hot stones and aromatherapy. Used for acute & chronic conditions, musculo-skeletal pain relief, deep relaxation, stress, trauma, balance and somatic imprinting.

Our Signature Treatment!

Fusion Cord Cuttings
​60 min 

Ready to let go of your past? Including exes, relationships, bosses, family members, patterns, habits etc. This powerful and customized treatment cuts ties with anything or anyone that is taking up unwanted space in your body and/or present life to create space for liberation and new manifestations.

Cutting away the past!

Fusion Deep Dives
​90 min

For more magnitude and focus on your healing, transformation and evolution, we take a deeper dive inward. In these magical sessions, we use a plethora of tools including acupuncture, bodywork, energy work, channeling, frequencies, sound bowls, custom alters & ritual.

Dive into the depth of your healing potential!

Community Fusion Acupuncture
​30 min 


Luxury community acupuncture in a private room at a convenient price. For a few magical hours per week, we transform our entire wellness center into a co-op. Each session entails combination of acupuncture, channeling, crystals, hot stones and aromatherapy. A quick and effective way to address any disharmony.

Acupuncture With A Twist!


Fusion Programs
5 or 10 Packages

Choose a healing package from any of our treatments and we will design a customized step-by-step program to meet your needs and desired goals. Including treatment plans, nutrition, exercises, stretches, lifestyle and consciousness shifting. Price adjustments vary accordingly.

Your customized treatment plan!

Talking on phones
Fusion Tele-Healing
60 min 

A virtual session addressing the body, mind & soul. Review of physiological, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states along with diet and exercise recommendations and herbal prescriptions. Included is a sound bath with customized guided meditation to balance your chakras.

Healing worldwide & in the safety of your home!

Fusion Home Sage Ceremonies
​60 min minimum 

A sage smudge cleanse of your home or office space. Removes negative vibrations, old energy, blockages and stagnation to clear and revitalize where you live and/or work. Ceremonies include meditations, chanting, candles, crystals, and insights.

A Personalized Space Cleanse!

Health Insurance Coverage
We accept most PPO health insurances. If we do not take your health insurance, we will provide you with a super bill for direct reimbursement from your insurance company. Please send us a copy of your insurance card and driver's license for insurance verification.

Check acupuncture benefits!


“I came to Iris with many emotional, mental and physical problems. In one session, Iris (Bless Her) using acupuncture, reiki, hot stones, healing, massage, shiatsu (Yes, ALL in ONE session) everything was like never before! There wasn’t any point of ‘negativity’ that wasn’t treated! I highly recommend assigning her to your spiritual and healing path."

-Avishai (Massage Therapist),  Los Angeles CA